Fostering Creativity in Self and the Organization: Your Professional Edge


As a professional, this book will help you maximize your creative potential – learning that successful creative expression is a function of hard work and discipline rather than innate talent or genius. The author explains more in his video below. Fostering Creativity in Self and The Organization: Your Professional Edge helps individuals, and their organizations, learn to maximize creative potential. The book explodes the myth that creative people are born rather than developed through practice and hard work. All people are creative and have the ability to be innovative, not just artists, musicians and writers. The Professional Edge defines these skills and demonstrates how to develop them. These are the skills required of 21st century professionals, which can be developed through awareness, coaching and practice resulting in mastery. This book will appeal to anyone seeking to advance his or her career. It will also be of great value to human resource executives who want to guide the development of a workforce that has the skills to effectively compete in fast-paced competitive industries or to open up new and innovative blue ocean market spaces.


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Eric W. Stein

Eric W. Stein is a leader, a strategist for public and private enterprises, an entrepreneur, a technology innovator, an author, and an educator. Dr. Stein earned a PhD in managerial science from the W…

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January 31, 2014





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