Forging Dynasty Businesses: The Competitive Edge of Enduring Teams


People are one of the few remaining, reliable sources of sustainable, competitive advantage. Competitors will copy marketing strategies, and technology and process advantages will fade over time, but having the best people for your organization will turn customers into raving fans, allowing you to have a more enjoyable ride as you achieve your goals.

Most business owners give lip service to the mantra that people are our greatest assets, but how many really grasp the deeper implications of this? After all, people are listed on income statements as an expense (payroll) but are nowhere to be found under assets on our balance sheets.

This book provides the keys to unlock the fundamental elements of an organization that serve as the foundation for small businesses to perpetually attract and retain top talent—those who fit with the organization’s culture and core values and who contribute to achieving the organization’s goals.

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Chuck Violand

Chuck Violand is the founder of Violand Management Associates, LLC, a consulting company whose focus is on small businesses throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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December 5, 2023





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