Exporting: Key Considerations For International Business Growth


Globalization or international development is more vital than ever for business survival, let alone growth. This book equips readers to optimize genuine export opportunities.
It addresses the fears and risks associated with exporting and reassures readers that inter- national growth is available to any business that conducts in-depth research, adopts the right attitude, and develops a comprehensive strategy.
Readers are challenged to address seven key business considerations facing them when seeking success in export markets: product and service adaptation, comprehensive communication, portable protected branding, high-performance tradeshows, optimized go-to-market channels, fit-for-purpose internal organization, and controlled effective cash flow.
This concise book serves time-starved small to medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs, owners, and directors in any industry anywhere in the world who seek international or global development and those studying or teaching international business.

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Laurent Houlier

Laurent Houlier is a multi-linguist with over 27 years’ experience in successfully delivering holistic international strategies and leadership for a variety of European fast-moving consumer goods (FMC…

John Blaskey

John Blaskey has over 45 years of practical commercial experience. He has generated hundreds of millions of dollars of new prospective business across the world for his clients. John addresses how to …

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September 25, 2020





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