English Business Jargon and Slang: How to Use It and What It Really Means


Jargon and slang have wormed their way into almost every business document, speech, and conversation that we have today. With online business communications being much more conversational and informal than the written business communications of the past, they positively encourage the use of figurative speech: ergo, more jargon, more slang.
This book is by no means all encompassing, but the author has researched and shared several hundred of the most commonly used terms. Not only do we now know what they all mean but, where appropriate, we also learn their origins—some of which are fascinating and very surprising. A very valuable handbook for any student or practitioner in business to help demystify this crazy language called “English.”

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Suzan St Maur

Suzan St Maur is a well-known business and marketing writer across the main English language markets. She is also a prolific author: this is her 35th published book. Book topics…

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May 15, 2018





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