Suzan St Maur

Suzan St Maur is a well-known business and marketing writer across the main English language markets. She is also a prolific author: this is her 35th published book. Book topics so far have included business, marketing, business writing, blogging, and self-help topics—as well as more than 10 humor titles and more recently humorous poetry and fiction. Suzan is now making the most of her considerable experience in book writing and publishing, as well as in marketing and marketing communications, by offering honest, expert coaching and advice to new and upcoming authors. Suzan St Maur is a Canadian citizen who lives most of the time in the UK, but spends many weeks every year in Canada and the USA. Her award-winning website,, offers free and no-obligation access to more than 1,500 articles and tutorials on writing of all kinds, from fiction, music, and poetry to hard business topics—and many more. She can be contacted on [email protected].

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