Emerging and Frontier Markets: The New Frontline for Global Trade


“Goncalves and Alves’ work is a very interesting and promising book for the development themes of emerging markets. The style and quality of the material is worthy of respect, providing a clear analysis of the international markets and global development of various economic and commercial relations and trading routes.” —Yurii Pozniak, International Management Consultant at Ukroboronservis, Kiev, Ukraine.
“‘Emerging and Frontier Markets: The New Frontline for Global Trade’ brings together a collection of insights and a new outlook of the dynamics happening between the emerging and the advanced markets. The book provides also an excellent, easy to read and straight-to-the point economic and political description of the MENA, BRICS, ASEAN, and CIVETS markets. A description that should interest every person willing to invest, work or just acquire a deep understanding of the emerging markets economic and political conditions.” —Reda Massoudi, BU Director Management and Transformation Consulting, LMS Organization & Human Resources. Casablanca, Morocco.

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Marcus Goncalves

Marcus Goncalves, EdD, PhD, is an international business scholar and management consultant with primary research interest focused on global entrepreneurship, internationalization modes, pa…

José Alves

José Alves is an associate professor of management at the Faculty of Business, Government, and Social Work of the University of Saint Joseph, Macau.

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October 15, 2014





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