Consumer Behavior: Women and Shopping


Why study women and shopping? Why is it important? Women matter because of their consumer spending power; they are crucial to survival in the competitive retail industry in America. Women matter because they control over $20 trillion in consumer spending. Women are better educated, have more financial power and decision making abilities and mobility than any previous generation. Why Women Shop provides a fascinating insight into women’s shopping habits and motivations. This book is of interest to business as they gain a better understanding of the most powerful economic force in the retail industry.

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Patricia Huddleston

Dr. Patricia Huddleston is a professor of retailing at Michigan State University. Her career as a researcher and teacher of retailing and consumer behavior spans 30 years. Pat has extensive internatio…

Stella Minahan

Dr. Stella Minahan is an associate professor in the Graduate Business School at Deakin University (Australia). She teaches retail, consumer behavior, and entrepreneurship to MBA students. In her caree…

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January 21, 2011





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