China: Doing Business in the Middle Kingdom


Foreign firms typically engage China as a sourcing location or as a market to sell their goods. China is increasingly taking on a more prominent role in global business. After 30 years of economic reforms that have enabled China to become the workshop of the global economy, we are now witnessing the transformation of the ‘Middle Kingdom’ into one of the world’s largest consumer markets and one of the world’s most productive centers of innovation. If you are interested in doing business in China, you’ll need this book. This book details the history, culture, economy, marketing, sourcing, staffing, etiquette, negotiation, and daily life. Anyone hoping to achieve global business success in the 21st century must be familiar with these concepts. Strother takes you inside the requirements; what works; what won’t; and so much more.

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Stuart C. Strother

Stuart C. Strother has lived and worked in China off-and-on since 1994. He is professor of economics at Azusa Pacific University where he leads China study programs for two months every year. He also …

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March 30, 2012





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