Better Business Decisions Using Cost Modeling, Second Edition


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“In this second edition, Vic and Chris have done an excellent job of citing the importance of accurate problem identification and the need for validated data input for the decision making process—a must read book for those managers responsible for making operational decisions.”– Richard Bozeman, Jr., Author and Inventor, Retired Chief of the Propulsion and Power Division Test Facilities, NASA
“I TRULY enjoyed the book and found it very informative. I am not an easy sell when it comes to the quantitative approach however I WAS SOLD! I will never approach future negotiations and future data analysis the same after reading this book. GOOD JOB!”—Peter Birkholz, Managing Partner of the Sam Houston Group LP, Management Consultant—Birkholz Management Co., LLC
Information is power in supply chain operations, negotiations, continuous improvement programs, process improvement, and indeed in all aspects of managing an operation. Accurate and timely information can result in better decisions that translate into the improvement of bottom-line results.
This book provides the business professional a concise guide to the creation and effective use of both internal and external cost models. Development of internal cost models is discussed with illustrations showing how they can be deployed to assist in new product development, pricing decisions, make-or-buy decisions, and the identi cation of opportunities for internal process improvement projects.


About the Author(s)

Victor Sower

Dr. Victor (Vic) Sower is a distinguished professor emeritus of operations management at Sam Houston State University and co-founder and president emeritus at Sower & Associates, LLC. He serve…

Christopher Sower

Christopher (Chris) Sower is the vice president of supply chain for Nalco Champion in Sugar Land, Texas. Prior to his employment at Nalco Champion, Chris worked 18 years in a variety of supply chain, …

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February 14, 2015





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