As I See It…Views on International Business Crises, Innovations, and Freedom


In this era of constant change and globalization, political and international issues influence the business environment worldwide and penetrate our lifestyle and expectations in ways beyond most imaginations. The increasing transparency of information provides easier access to current events, new concepts, and data. Yet we are bounded by the complexity of understanding the interdependence resulting from this fast-paced world with an almost overwhelming amount of new responsibilities.
With a Foreword by H.E. Claudia Fritsche, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, along with the humorous illustrations by award-winning cartoonist David Clark—this book is a fantastic choice for readers to comprehend the most crucial international business and trade issues facing us nowadays. Thought-provoking, witty, and enjoyable, this book offers fresh insights and perspectives, which can inspire real-life understanding and applications one shall not miss.

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Michael R. Czinkota

Professor Michael R. Czinkota teaches international marketing and business at the McDonough School of Business at George- town University and the University of Kent in Canterbury. During leav…

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December 31, 2016





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