Global Trends and Transformations in Culture, Business, and Technology


This book offers a concise and analytical portrait of the contemporary world.

The author encompasses concepts and theories from multiple disciplines notably sociology, anthropology, business, and economics to examine major global trends and transformations of the modern world, their underlying causes, and their consequences.

The text examines global demographic trends, globalization, culture, emerging markets, global security, environmental degradation, large corporations, and economic inequality. The author also analyzes major transformations in healthcare, food, the sharing economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, consumption, work and organization, innovation and various technologies in areas such as automation, robotics, connectivity, quantum computing, and new materials.

This book is a valuable reference for business leaders, managers, students, and all those who are passionate about understanding the rapidly changing contemporary world.

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Hamid Yeganeh

Dr. Yeganeh is a professor of business and international management at Winona State University in Minnesota. Professor Yeganeh is a multidisciplinary scholar who has earned his MSc, MBA, and Ph…

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June 20, 2022





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