Agile Human Resources: Creating a Sustainable Future for the HR Profession


Over the last 20 years, the topic of conversation when it comes to HR, is whether or not it should even exist. The name of the function is ever changing, but are the outcomes and results evolving in the right way?

Over the last 5 years, the author has been designing and implementing HR solutions focused on doing things differently, and the creation of her AGILE HR framework is well received by all of her clients. Agile HR helps organizations manage, motivate, engage, inspire, and lead their people in the best possible way by treating them, first and foremost, as able adults that come to work to do a good job. Mainstream HR, however, works from the perspective of policing employees through policies and procedures that suffocate and restrict employees and hinder creativity and innovation at work.

This book provides hints, tips, and examples of how to implement Agile HR solutions into your organization that will help HR professionals and senior leaders implement people-focused solutions to increase productivity. It is time to put the human touch back into human resources.


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Kelly Swingler

Kelly Swingler is founder of Chrysalis Consulting; she supports people, teams, and companies in changing mindsets to transform performance. Before starting Chrysalis, Kelly worked in HR, L&D, and OD …

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October 23, 2017





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