A Time of Change in Hospitality Leadership


This book is an introduction to the challenge of modern leadership. Leadership has changed from the traditional perspective to be one which is far broader based, with more expected and asked. Leaders today need to consider their stakeholders, their employees, the communities and society in which they operate, the environment, culture, and trends.
The world has changed so much in the last ten years and many are lagging behind in their understanding. At the same time, we are about to witness a change in generations and the question arises as to whether industry is ready to empower and pass on the baton of leadership?
The main goals are to help students to understand what will be asked of them as they become leaders. It is aimed to challenge perceptions, thinking, and knowledge. Also, it aims to prepare students to identify how leadership has changed people’s lives and help develop critical thinking about the role of leaders in business and in society.

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Chris Sheppardson

Chris Sheppardson is the founder of a leading hospitality consultancy—EP, Business in Hospitality (founded 2005)—which specializes in progressive thinking and in bringing together industry leaders to …

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November 6, 2020





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