How a Global Pandemic Changed the Way We Travel


An insightful and detailed account of the pandemic and its impact on the global travel industry. In a situation which was (and still is) constantly evolving, the book presents an historical timeline of events, and how these changed the face of consumer travel, possibly forever. Leisure & business travel, airlines, events, and attractions: all are analyzed comprehensively. How did the industry respond, what lessons were learned and what are the predictions for the future?” –Debbie Marshall, Silver Marketing Association

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world to become a global pandemic. Tourism and hospitality sectors were particularly hard hit with a virtual halt to travel, internally and across borders, with constantly changing rules intended to restrict movement and safeguard travelers. Throughout this period, we have tracked reactions by people, health advisors, and politicians worldwide, as infection rates and deaths from the virus rose or fell dramatically.

We explore how travel and tourism have been affected, both leisure and business travel, safeguards introduced to protect people and the planet, and whether this has resulted in permanent change to the way we travel in the future. For many within the industry, it has been an opportunity to review every aspect of global travel and to define a ‘new normal’ for the future.

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Jacqueline Jeynes

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes, PhD, MBA, B. Ed (Hons), B.A(Hons) is a travel writer, regularly contributing reviews aimed at the mature travel market. A published non-fiction author since 2000, Dr Jeynes is al…

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September 02, 2022





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