100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional: Your Guidebook to Establishing & Elevating Your Career


A brilliantly curated original take on proven skills designed to maximize the potential of any seller! Hands down my favorite read of the year!–Eric Stoddard, Head of Global Sales & Customer Success at Udemy

“100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional is a book that is full of great ideas for the salesperson that is looking for great ideas. Selling is a thinking person’s game and Alex Dripchak has written a terrific book that is a repository for excellent sales ideas that provoke thought and that any sales person can learn from IF they desire more success.-Jerry Acuff, CEO, Delta Point, Inc. Ranked 3rd best sales professional by Global Gurus

This is a super practical playbook on how to build relationships. Alex curates and demystifies all the resources sales professionals need.–Vanessa Van Edwards, Founder & Lead Investigator, Science of People, Bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional prioritizes action-orientation and puts antiquated outlines out to pasture. The book is designed to not only curate the best expert teachings but it also consolidates these teachings to maximize the value extracted from every page.

If you’re conscientious about making the biggest impact in your professional career by taking action to minimize the long learning (and earning) curve, then this is the playbook for you.

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Alex Dripchak

Alex Dripchak is a senior sales professional at the perennial #1 HR & Talent consulting leader, Mercer. Alex is a former Sales Manager and Outside Field Sales Producer at Oracle where he was th…

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June 15, 2021





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