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Tom Guggino

With everyone communicating online today, there is a real need to design our messages. Online apps give us the ability to be online, but they leave it up to the user to be the designer and the expert at communicating. So, if you must be the expert, you should think like an editor, a director, and a producer. What does that mean?  There are certain skills and techniques that you should consider in order to make your messages and communications stand out. People are beginning to realize that audiences have a short attention span and are susceptible to an online fatigue factor. Suddenly you see the participants looking at their phones, closing their …

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John Friedman

It is time to admit that the ‘Blame Game’ actually prevents us from implementing solutions. In business, politics and culture the idea of finding out whose ‘fault’ it is has taken precedence over figuring out how to solve problems. And that’s counter-productive because the side discussion takes over what could be a fulsome and useful exercise in finding solutions. Like the song says ‘when you point your finger…you got three more fingers pointing back at you.’ This is apt because they’re wasting time and effort NOT addressing the issue or using their knowledge (and sometimes their power) to guide those that they’re dunning towards are more sustainable or superior solution.

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Myron Beard

The 1999 sci-fi action movie The Matrix was a resounding hit, forever changing the sci-fi genre and spawning tropes that are still referenced in popular culture today: black sunglasses, slow-motion leans, and the infamous red pill/blue bill choice, to name a few.

The Delegation Matrix, featured in my 2019 book The DNA of Physician-Leadership may have just as big of an impact on your organization as its namesake film had at the box office. The added benefit? No mediocre sequels! Now enter with me, if you will, the world of The Delegation Matrix.