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Tom Guggino

Since more and more communications are online, it’s essential to understand how we communicate in a face-to-face situation to make online communications more like face-to-face. We are not aware of the many things we do in a face-to-face encounter that shows we are engaged and participating in a conversation. It helps to take a moment and reflect on those elements and techniques.

In face-to-face situations, we respond with ques, small gestures that communicate we are listening. One such example is to look at the person who is talking. Another is to smile and nod in agreement with an idea. How we use our eyes to tell people we are present is a critical factor…

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Myles McGrane

January’s announcement restricting travel between the US and China was sobering but not serious enough to change our way of conducting business meetings. Then in late February, a biotechnology company, Biogen, held its annual leadership conference, One hundred and seventy – five executives gathered at the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Boston. The conference was spread across the multiple meeting rooms and ballrooms. There were research presentations, new product discussions, and business planning sessions. The conference also included scheduled group meals, coffee breaks, socializing and good fellowship…

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Bruce Griffiths

To keep me connected to the modern world I constantly access a millennial focus group, also known as My Three Sons.  One son is currently taking advantage of COVID found time to finish his undergraduate degree.  In a recent conversation he lamented that his chosen university needed to do a better job of actually preparing him for a career, and for life!  In today’s world of constantly shifting content and context he pointed out that “learning to learn” and other factors might be as important as some of his course content.  He’s right.

There is an established, and now growing, movement in higher education to augment curricula by testing and teaching organizational skillsets, i.e. competencies relevant for work…