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Jennifer Hancock

The key to creating a thriving workplace culture – is to be specific about what the values of this – thriving culture are. What are the values you want people to exemplify in their work and with each other?  This is why Humanistic Management is so important.

The number 1 tip – is to integrate ethical questions into every discussion.  What is the moral and right thing to do here? What is a good – and ethical outcome of this situation?

When people talk about workplace culture – they are really talking about morality and ethics. Which is apparently missing – or we wouldn’t be talking about culture.

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Ron Robinson

The project structure includes a Steering Committee made up of key representatives of your organization,along with key stakeholders and customers. This committee would meet monthly to provide guidance and remove barriers for the project teams.

The second element of the project structure would consist of project teams for each new innovation. These teams would meet weekly, review and update project plans, solve problems and agree on plans for the following week. They would attend monthly Steering Committee meetings to report on progress and share information.

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Saundra Stroope

It is an important time to celebrate the advancement of women. We have made visible progress in the last few decades. The number of women entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders in corporate leadership roles is growing. However, there are still many challenges women face that are different from their male counterparts. Women sometimes have beliefs or career myths that may interfere with their career satisfaction and success.
A global survey, interviews, and focus groups of over 200 women in leadership and professional roles were conducted. The women selected these career myths as the top 5 impacting their satisfaction and career success.