Developing New Products and Services:Learning, Differentiation, and Innovation

Developing New Products and Services: Learning, Differentiation and Innovation

Lawrence G. Sanders

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October 20, 2011
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This book will focus on the up-front activities required for product and service differentiation, the learning methodologies that contribute to arriving at that differentiation, and the role that technology plays in implementing the process. The book will show how technology factors into such entrepreneurial activities as engaging in business planning and utilizing creativity and innovation, and how creative innovation, in turn, is achieved and enhanced through an understanding of two different modes of learning: 'learning about' and 'learning by doing'. A successful product introduction depends on an efficient supply chain, a strong brand, and the ability of a manufacturer or provider to differentiate it successfully in the marketplace. New Product and Services Development demonstrates how differentiation, this last critical component, can be secured by the strategic use of technology and by engaging in two key learning methodologies.

G. Lawrence Sanders

G. Lawrence Sanders, PhD is a professor in the Department of Management Science and Systems in the School of Management at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He was a recipient of the Provost’s Exceptional Scholars Sustained Achievement Award from the University of Buffalo in 2007. He has served as a department chair and the chair of the PhD program in the School of Management.

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