The Fusion Team

Fusion is more than just a team; it’s a multidisciplinary blend of thinkers and doers, researchers, strategists, brand and product experts, designers, and makers. As an enterprise accelerator with more than a decade of experience, we have led over 600 engagements and impacted tens of thousands of individuals, empowering their teams to define bold strategies, create beautiful experience, build meaningful products, and perform at their highest.

Our strength lies in our diversity. We are a collective of passionate individuals with unique backgrounds and skills, moving our work forward with an inclusive and equitable approach fostering respect. We believe in pushing boundaries, continuous learning, and maintaining a start-up mentality—even within a Fortune 5 company.

Our purpose is clear—to make the health system work better for everyone. We approach each problem to be solved with deep empathy, ensuring our innovative products and experiences positively impact the people we serve. With a unique ability to accelerate ideas to execution, rapidly drive products to market, and solve complex problems, Fusion is committed to driving impact and change—for our team, for our organization, and for the world.

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