Parissa Haghirian

Parissa Haghirian has studied Japan from an anthropological and business perspective for the last 20 years. She holds a degree in Japanese Anthropology (Master, University of Vienna, Austria), a degree in International Management (Master, Vienna University of Economics and BA, Vienna, Austria) and a PhD in International Management (Vienna University of Economics and BA, Vienna, Austria). Dr. Haghirian worked for 12 years in Japanese organizations (longer than in Western firms) and has worked in Fukuoka and Tokyo now for the last five years. In 2006 she became an associate professor of International Management at Sophia University, one of Japan’s leading private universities. Since becoming a professor Dr. Haghirian has researched numerous aspects of Japanese business practices, published several book and many articles on the topic and organized conferences and speeches on Japanese management in Europe and Japan. She has taught undergraduate, graduate and MBA level classes on the subject of Japanese business practices consulted with numerous Western and native Japanese companies in Tokyo.

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