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Human Resource Management

Using the ADDIE Model to Develop the Yearly Corporate Training Plan and Budget, Design and Deliver

Author : Robin J. Firestone
Bio : Robin J. Firestone is an Organizational Development and Learning Professional with 20 years of experience. Her specialties are andragogy, teaching/coaching, instructional design (ADDIE), and program/process management. Robin writes L&D “How-To” guides and, in 2017, co-authored “The Killing Collective” published on Amazon. She holds an MA in Business Education from NYU and is a Six-Sigma Black Belt.
ISBN : 9781631578694
Publish Date : 2017/7/31
Page Count : 20
Description :
This guide applies the “ADDIE model,” a process used to develop educational curricula and courses, to the design and development of a training program. This overall process, in turn, drills down to the following sub-processes: 1. Needs assessments and analyses 2. Development and design of a yearly training and budget plan 3. Development of a schedule of offerings and advertising them 4. Learning event implementation and administration 5. Evaluation/debriefing of all learning events

How to Hire Emotionally Intelligent Talent

Author : Andy Smith
Bio : Andy Smith is an international emotional intelligence consultant, NLP trainer, and appreciative inquiry facilitator. He has been assisting individuals and groups with change for 20 years. He is accredited to use the ESCI 360º emotional intelligence assessment and is the author of several books about emotional intelligence and personal development.
ISBN : 9781631578656
Publish Date : 2017/8/17
Page Count : 16
Description :
At the executive and key professional levels, emotional intelligence is known to make the difference between average and star performers. This article gives you the interview questions you need to hire emotionally intelligent people.

Talent Management: Utilizing Human Potential to Deliver Organization Performance

Author : Carrie Foster
Bio : Carrie Foster specializes in the facilitation of people-led change that delivers added value and a measurable ROI to bottom-line performance. She is a proven commercial organization development practitioner, executive coach, practicing academic, and published author.
ISBN : 9781631577147
Publish Date : 2017/08/17
Page Count : 20
Description :
How do you create value from an intangible asset that is measured as a head count cost on the organizational balance sheet? Talent management is more than a process of identifying high potentials for leadership development programs. Instead, it should be an approach to management that accepts that a large proportion of the employee population has unrecognized talent that is underutilized and puts into place mechanisms to help employees explore, discover, and release their potential for the benefit of the organization. This article challenges the narrow focus of traditional talent management processes, offering the Expanded Boundary-less Talent Model as a conceptual framework to capture the talent potential available to the organization. It goes on to provide the practical steps managers can take to increase the utilization of human potential within their organization.

Management Development

Author : Carrie Foster
Bio : Carrie Foster specializes in the facilitation of coaching, people management, and organization development interventions that deliver added value and a measurable ROI to bottom-line performance. As a proven commercial organization development practitioner, executive coach, practicing academic, and published author with a successful commercial career covering FMCG, industrial, manufacturing, and professional services, she has a track record of providing OD and coaching programs across the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East that have met both the individual and business needs.
ISBN : 9781947098992
Publish Date : 2017/07/31
Page Count : 22
Description :
Management development is more than a set of workshops or a bit of coaching provided over a 12-month period. It is a holistic approach to the way an organization is managed from the bottom upward; it is a philosophy of management practice and a culture of support and development, which extends beyond a program, existing in the manager’s day-to-day milieu. Management development enables an organization to answer the question “Is what we are doing in managing the organization having the impact we want it to, and more importantly is it aligned to our core purpose?” A well-designed management development program can contribute to the effectiveness of the management team’s ability to direct the activities of the organization and create an environment for sustainable performance to be achieved. This article explores management development from four key dimensions: The ability to articulate vision; Creating a shared understanding; Clarity of thought within chaos; Agility to collaborate to bring about rapid change.

Hiring and Managing Freelancers

Author : Joshua Ploch
Bio : With more than twenty years in the human resources industry, Josh utilizes a number of processes (Lean Six Sigma, and others) to help companies develop winning and productive teams. He helps evaluate not just culture, but goals for growth and processes as well to ensure not only is there clarity on where we are going, but also that everyone in the team is dialed in and committed to reaching the goal.
ISBN : 9781631579257
Publish Date : 2017/06/13
Page Count : 18
Description :
Freelancing has become the new normal for employment in the United States; employers of all sizes interested in hiring freelancers now have access to an incredibly diverse and capable talent pool. This is a reference guide to best practices when looking to bring in somebody as a freelancer to help out on a temporary basis. It covers the fundamentals of hiring a freelancer and the fundamentals of managing a freelancer. Readers will be able to utilize best practices in hiring and managing freelancers in their organization.

How To Get Paid, On Time and Every Time

Author : Ashton, Robert
Bio : Robert Ashton is a social entrepreneur, author, and campaigner
ISBN : 9781631576416
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 12
Description :
They say a deal is not a deal until the money’s in the bank. But too many neglect to make sure that payment is planned, scheduled and the deliverables defined tightly enough. Discover why so many get away with late payment and learn simple steps that can avoid this happening to you.

The Demise of Knowledge

Author : Nason, Rick
Bio : PhD, CFA, Dalhousie University
ISBN : 9781631576454
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 8
Description :
In an increasingly connected world that has Google, Linked-In and Wikipedia, knowledge is becoming more of a commodity while creativity, vision, coping with complexity and risk taking is becoming more important and more valuable. Unfortunately our education system and our hiring systems are still stuck in the 1950’s when knowledge was more important. This Insight focuses on why there needs to be a change in both hiring practices and in training and development to ensure a company has a competitive workforce.

The HR Practitioner

Author : Carrie Foster
Bio : Carrie Foster specializes in the facilitation of coaching, people management, and organization development interventions that deliver added value and a measurable ROI to bottom line performance.
ISBN : 9781631577819
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 20
Description :
How does the practice of HR differ from what you read about in the textbooks? All HR practitioners should have a keen interest in the latest thinking in their profession. However, what sets the best practitioners apart is the ability to apply their HR knowledge pragmatically and sympathetically to the context within which their organization is operating. This article provides a pragmatic guide to becoming a commercially aware HR practitioner.