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Building Your Business from Scratch

Author : Chinedu Ihekwoaba
Bio : Chinedu Ihekwoaba J. was born to Nigerian parents. For six years now, he has been writing unpublished articles and books. The statistics graduate started as a storyteller at the age of 5 and won the Master of Riddles Award in 1997/98. During his graduate trainee program, he wrote some unpublished books titled Haunted World of Business, Family Tides, and A Rolling Stone.
ISBN : 9781947441675
Publish Date : 2017/10/12
Page Count : 14
Description :
This article explains how to start and grow any type of business with a detailed practical approach. How for every entrepreneur coming into the competitive market identifying the needs of people in economic world is the first requirement, the basis which an entrepreneur must figure out and build on to have a long-term business and satisfies consumers’ need. Non-empirical analysis revealed how branding and quality delivery grew a fishery business of $500 to $10,000 from 2013 to 2017.

When Start-Ups Don’t Start

Author : Grinsted, Keith
Bio : Keith has been made redundant six times in the past eighteen years! Yes, he picked a few duff companies to work for. Though, in his defense, some of these were in the dot-com boom and- bust years! POP, they went! Keith knows and understands the issues individuals face when they must start their careers over again and often, perhaps, reinvent who they are. Equally, they often need to learn about a completely new sector. He has worked with many people facing life after redundancy, or simply looking for a new start having reached a crossroads. The single most important thing he works on is uncovering what it is they are passionate about. Keith believes that we are all capable of great things but we tend not to try new directions. Unless we release our emotions and uncover our passion, we will find setting a new course for the future very difficult. Keith strongly believes everyone should continue to learn and relate that learning to the work environment.
ISBN : 9781631579455
Publish Date : 2017/5/23
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article looks at some of the reasons start-ups fail to get funding. It highlights 10 reasons why this may be. This is by no means an exhaustive list but is indicative of the most likely reasons. Entrepreneurs may have great ideas but they need to structure the way they bid for funding if they are going to be successful.

Easy Business Success

Author : Hirsch Sharma
Bio : Hirsch Sharma, BA, DMS, CGMA, SCI, is a graduate in psychology, English, and economics and has done post graduation in management and human resources. He has also qualified and has been practicing as a Chartered Global Management Accountant and has been advising on businesses for the past 29 years. All these have given him good insights into business life. Having lived in several countries, he settled in the United Kingdom 38 years ago and has set up two successful businesses. He frequently provides free training to help young people, many of whom have been graduates from Oxford and other universities. Having read all types of books his whole life, he has spent a great deal of time studying different cultures and about human nature. This life, business experience and literary knowledge puts him in a unique position to write a compelling article. He is also currently working on other books.
ISBN : 9781631579356
Publish Date : 2017/6/26
Page Count : 8
Description :
Busy business men and women hardly find any time to read the pages of voluminous books. Such people would find the 35 short and sweet tips discussed in this article quite useful. The article provides tips on how to improve a business (Job also). These tips will help you and your business (job) to grow and succeed, making your business truly abound. This article shows you how to be the leader of the marketplace. Further to research on what makes a business succeed, this article has been written for your business, to solve your business problems, and to help you succeed and grow. Primarily catering to business people, the article aims at saving businesses money, time, and worry. Asserting that anything simple is very powerful, the potential of this article to make you succeed cannot be overstated.

You’ve Started Your Start-Up

Author : Keith Grinsted
Bio : Keith Grinsted has worked with many start-up businesses over the years and has seen the things they have done right, and the things they have done wrong! He has been made redundant six times in the past 18 years! Yes, he picked a few duff companies to work for. However, in his defense, some of these were in the dot-com boom and bust years! He knows and understands the issues businesses face and how they must constantly review and, in some cases, reinvent. Keith’s main message: DO IT! If you think that you can stand still and do nothing, then you will certainly get left behind and ultimately fail.
ISBN : 9781631579509
Publish Date : 2017/6/13
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article looks at the position start-up businesses arrive at after 2 or 3 years. They get to a position where the initial excitement may have waned and the future is looming. It’s a time when a complete review of the business needs to be done and careful consideration given to the future. The key question asked is: “If you were to start over today knowing what you’ve learned, what would you change, or do differently?”

Essentials of Starting Your Business

Author : Deborah Gorman
Bio : Deborah is a life coach and writer. She has been a journalist, whose work has appeared in numerous publications. She has also been a pastor, teacher, and entrepreneur. Deborah is originally from the Midwestern US and now makes her home in North Carolina. She enjoys hiking, gardening, travel, and exploring new places.
ISBN : 9781631579158
Publish Date : 2017/5/30
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article provides an introduction to entrepreneurship, helping the reader to define why he or she wants to start a business before launch of enterprise and to know how entrepreneurs differ from employees. It helps the reader learn how to discover one’s unique vision; explore factors of self-development that contribute to success, such as experiencing adversity, setting goals, and risk-taking; understand why having a business mindset is critical; understand some essential traits of successful people; develop the right attitude; and learn how to handle and overcome rejection and failure.

Entrepreneurship – From Start Up to Exit: A Concise Introduction

Author : Molian, David
Bio : Cranfield School of Management
ISBN : 9781631576430
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 8
Description :
An introduction to the entrepreneurship cycle, consisting of: – Getting into business, through start-up, acquisition, or franchising *This will be approximately one-half of the book, as it forms the main part of the standard business school entrepreneurship curriculum – Growing the business, organically or via acquisition – The mature entrepreneurial business – Realising the value of the entrepreneurial business, valuation and the exit process

How to Think Like a Successful Entrepreneur

Author : Mat Rees
Bio : Mat is a sports science graduate with a masters in applied positive psychology from the University of East London.
ISBN : 9781631577475
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 10
Description :
Positive Psychology is the current buzz within Psychology and the world is talking about happiness and the advantage to be gained by becoming happy. However, we all know that what many people also want is money – which is often associated with achievement. Unless somebody wishes to rely on luck, they know that they have to make this achievement happen and therefore they start to read self-help books and books about motivation and goal setting and achieving their dreams and the secret etc. – which are all credible topics and a very popular sector.

Saying Good-bye to the Entrepreneur Widow

Author : Laura Bechard
Bio : Laura Bechard is a certified, trusted advisor and the founder of ProVision Coaching Network. Bechard joined her family business as one of the in-laws, specifically the one who married the heir apparent. Bechard’s 30+ years as a family business owner provides her with unique experience and skills to advise family business owners in implementing best practices contributing to successful families and successful businesses that thrive into the future. Bechard’s MBA, Chartered Professional Accounting designation and substantial experience as a business educator and facilitator make her a great choice to tackle tough topics with a sense of humor and in an engaging manner. The family business is currently transitioning to the 5th generation.
ISBN : 9781631578038
Publish Date : 2017/3/21
Page Count : 8
Description :
In spite of the positive impact family businesses have on the economy, their divorce rates are some of the highest in North America. Entrepreneurs channel their energy into their businesses and pride themselves on being workaholics, leaving their partners feeling unappreciated and families abandoned. Getting on the same team and staying there through the challenges that come with combining business with family is not an insurmountable challenge. This article outlines strategies and activities that can be used to strengthen the family and the business.