Warp Speed Habits: A Brain-Based Roadmap for Leveraging Change in Organizations


What if you could adapt rapidly to change, design your destiny, plot your own North, systematically design the roads you wish to travel and go the distance, improving your health, your work, and your life?

Change means that you will have to create habits, and as both individuals and organizations have found, this is an extremely challenging venture. You may feel that procedures and methods, allied with inspiration, willpower, and motivation will be enough, but the up and down nature of the latter qualities can lead to repeated failed attempts.

For individuals, leaders, managers, or anyone who wishes to build or change habits and behaviors and acquire new competencies, the answer lies in Warp Speed Habits, a revolutionary brain-based strategic-tactical approach to creating habits and changing behaviors.

Intersecting neuroscience and psychology, this guide leverages business management lessons at an individual level, promotes the development of a “habit mindset” and reshapes environmental contexts. In this quest, as you learn to design, build, and implement sustainable habits, you will travel to worlds and dimensions in different realms.

Ready? Begin your first voyage, but make no mistake, as you execute missions in your travels to different worlds, do not illude yourself by biographies of overnight success—these are myths that blur the mindset of energy and resilience you will require.

But with the Warp Speed Habits practical and pragmatical roadmap, you will overcome brain traps and obstacles along the way, and ultimately contribute to thriving behaviors that deliver results!


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Marco Neves

Marco Neves is an author, speaker, trainer, executive coach, and Leadership Transformation Champion, supporting and leveraging leadership and team performance across organizations, using cutting-edge science.

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September 26, 2023





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