Understanding Cryptocurrencies: The Money of the Future


The book intends to provide a high level overview of cryptocurrencies to a new enthusiast by using layman language and limiting many of the technical aspects, providing a very condensed version of this vast development of digital currencies.
Blockchain is the new revolution after the Internet that is going to change how we do business today. Cryptocurrencies are the money of the future. These two statements are a positive affirmation from many corners around the world. The author provides a balance of introduction and depth regarding blockchain, hot cryptocurrencies, and their comparisons.
Bitcoin, being the pioneer, is discussed in greater detail. The reader will gain the basic idea of bitcoin mining, trading, and investing. With special interest in the various usages of blockchain and interest on traditional banking systems are also discussed.

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Arvind Pal Singh Matharu

Arvind Matharu is an entrepreneur with a variety of interest ranging from information technology, writing and investments. For the past few years, he developed a strong interest in crypto…

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November 30, 2018





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