Transparency in ESG and the Circular Economy: Capturing Opportunities Through Data


A holistic view of ESG goes beyond environmental issues, which are closely linked to social issues. Both come from the governance of an organization: the integrity with which decisions are made and implemented, ultimately defining corporate culture. ESG affects the daily lives of everyone in today’s connected world where organizations, companies, and individuals depend on each other at various levels. Lack of sustainability for any entity threatens its future existence, disrupting the entire ecosystem.

The use of data to measure ESG outcomes is a young science that is increasingly critical to upholding our very lifestyle. Data clearly presents impact across the entire ESG spectrum, providing the necessary specificity for informed decision making, and ensuring the transparency and accountability, which uphold sustainability.

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Cristina Dolan

Cristina Dolan is engineer and entrepreneur experienced at building transformative technology and data enabled companies, products and services. She is a recipient of numerous industry awards …

Diana Barrero Zalles

Diana Barrero Zalles is Director of ESG & Impact at Emergents @ Weild & Co., an impact-driven investment bank bridging traditional finance and digital assets. She also publishes papers on indu…

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November 30, 2021





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