Thriving in a Data World: A Guide for Leaders and Managers


Currently, every company, no matter its size, is data-driven in one way or another; using data to improve customer experience, as a new value stream, and to stay competitive. However, many business leaders, professionals, and students—such as executives, business analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers and marketing teams —are forced to interact with data and those who generate data, without being taught the general competencies needed to feel comfortable having these conversations.

This book focuses on the foundations needed to be successful in managing and engaging with data analytics initiatives, bridging the gap between creators and users of data. As a management reference guide, it discusses the different types of data strategy needed for succeeding with data, covering topics such as data team composition, types of data analytics, the importance of data storytelling, and identifying data ROI.

Framed by the author’s personal story, the trove of information is made tangible through the compelling narrative with its unprecedented accessibility and readability for a non-technical audience.

If you suffer from fear of data, anxiety around conversations with technical teams, this practical approach book can help with actions you can start implementing right away.


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Sangeeta Krishnan

Sangeeta Krishnan is an engaging business intelligence and analytics leader who possesses a winning blend of subject matter expertise and practical experience from a variety of industries. M…

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December 07, 2022





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