The Warehouse Revolution: Automate or Terminate


This book is a must-read for technologists, retailers, and investors who seek to understand the warehouse automation industry and the tradeoffs of the various technologies.

It walks through an array of automation options using understandable terms. It describes the history of the industry and how e-commerce catapulted warehouse automation to the forefront of supply chain operations.

The Warehouse Revolution will also be of interest to those who are just curious and seek to understand what’s happening behind the curtain–the highly choreographed movement of people and machines that enable packages to show up at our respective doorsteps in less than a day.


About the Author(s)

Pete Devenyi

Pete Devenyi spent his 40-year engineering career working in software and technology development, leading large technical organizations at global companies like BlackBerry and Dematic.

Miguel Pinilla

Miguel Pinilla has over 30 years’ experience in the supply chain information systems industry. He held leadership positions at Dematic, RedPrairie (now Blue Yonder), SmartTurn, and Navis.

Jim Stollberg

Jim Stollberg has business experience spanning over 35 years. He held senior executive roles in the automation and management consulting industries, including leadership positions with Dematic, HK Systems, and Accenture.

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March 5, 2024





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