The Real Me: Find and Express Your Authentic Self


The Real Me aims to help the reader to “pull themselves together.” The UK and western world is in the midst of an epidemic of stress and depression. This book combines philosophical and practical approaches to enable readers to re-connect with their own personal identity, which equips individuals to have a better personal and professional life as well as better integration between the two. Becoming a coherent person, and projecting this authentically, is the key to a personally fulfilling life. The Real Me gives the reader strategies to do this. Three models are outlined to help the reader when faced with a range of life challenges. The book’s practical nature will encourage readers to make changes where they need to. The book combines commentary on modern social trends and their consequences, with illustrative examples based on real people. The idea of masks, theatre stage and acts are introduced to highlight the way we are increasingly expected to play roles nowadays, losing our own persona in the process. The three models mentioned above are adaptations of models used in business settings. By adapting them, I have used these models successfully to coach a wide range of clients, allowing me to examine various paths towards personal integration.


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Mark Eyre

Mark Eyre is the director of Brilliant Futures, specializing in helping business people to achieve their career and personal goals. An inspired coach, facilitator, and writer, his work spans leadershi…

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March 31, 2017





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