The Options Trading Primer: Using Rules-Based Option Trades to Earn a Steady Income


Buying and selling options is the fastest growing investment strategy when compared with other trading venues such as buying and selling stocks, futures, and foreign exchange currencies. Millions of investors who understand the financial leverage offered by options are earning impressive, steady incomes by buying and selling call and put options.
The successful investors learn how options work. They develop watch lists of trade candidates and study price charts to find prospective trades. And they apply rules-based option trading strategies that succeed much more often than they fail. Even when they lose, their rules limit their losses to acceptable levels.
This book was written by a successful option trader. He introduces options and how they work to those who are ready to learn how they work. The book emphasizes the application of time-tested option trading rules, which use price charts, market volatility, key option values, and risk graphs to achieve high-probability option trading outcomes. Also detailed are ten option trade examples that include trade setups, entries, trade management techniques, and supporting illustrations

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Russell A. Stultz

Russell A. Stultz has written 60 books on computer technology, management, and investing. Many are distributed in 18 languages. This is his fifth options book. The second edition of his highly successf…

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October 25, 2019





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