The Manager’s Guide to Building a Successful Business


In today’s world, managers need real market examples to demonstrate the effective use of certain management and marketing principles. This book will give you just that as well as an introduction to programs developed over a 40-year career to help manage all aspects of a business and to develop and execute marketing strategies. You and other managers and executives will utilize this book as a guide to grow an established business or start a new one, and a reference book for unique management challenges as well. It differs from other business books in that it introduces certain management techniques and processes and shows how they are critical to executing successful marketing strategies. Each chapter covers a founding principle of management in Part I and a founding principle of marketing in Part II. The examples used in the book are from large and small organizations in which the author was personally involved. The techniques introduced are based on those studied at most universities, and are used in solutions applied to challenges facing these organizations.


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Gary W. Randazzo

Gary W. Randazzo is President of GWR Research a management and marketing consulting firm. He has served as CEO, CFO, and CIO of large and small companies. Currently Mr. Randazzo is working with a grou…

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March 12, 2013





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