The Leadership Edge: Think, Behave, and Communicate Like a Leader


Businesses rise, fall, or stall based on their level of leadership. Businesses that invest the time, energy, and resources to develop leaders enjoy a competitive edge—and by developing leaders who can develop other leaders, unleash the power of rapid and sustainable growth. By developing people with the skills to put team members and customers in the best position to succeed, they ensure their own success.

The Leadership Edge gives business leaders and leadership coaches, consultants, and trainers a framework for developing strong business leaders who can learn to develop other strong business leaders. It serves as a guide, offering insights, strategies, and practical tools to empower individuals and organizations to gain their own leadership edge.

Whether you are a seasoned executive, a middle manager, an emerging leader, or a leadership consultant, the principles and practices explored in The Leadership Edge provide the knowledge and resources to unleash your leadership potential and make a meaningful impact on your organization.


About the Author(s)

Michael B. Ross

High Performance Principal Michael B. Ross has helped hundreds of business owners and executives, in large corporations and small businesses, become more effective leaders who inspire their employees and grow their revenues.

Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw is founder and president of Atlanta-based Shade Communications and has been writing about business for more than five decades.

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October 18, 2024





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