The Human Side of Virtual Work: Managing Trust, Isolation, and Presence


The virtual work world is upon us. It is ever increasing as both workers and organizations become more familiar with this new structure. The way leaders and managers deal with the virtual worker will become increasingly more important. This book takes a look at the virtual work environment from a view of human perceptions. Trust, isolation, and presence are the three main human perceptions discussed throughout the book and are the foundation for the theory presented. The Change–Self-Efficacy Loop Theory provides the basis for a new tool to maximize the productivity level of the virtual worker.
The book takes a journey from the industrial revolution through a second shift or technology revolution which we are currently experiencing known as the virtual work environment. It presents argument and ideas to encourage all of us to take action now to prevent the potential negative outcomes that could affect many working in the virtual work environment. The book is designed for anyone associated with the virtual work environment. Based on the premise that the virtual work environment needs to be a productive alternative to the traditional work environment, the book focuses on variables that can create the most successful outcome.


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Laurence M. Rose

Laurence M. Rose (Larry) has been an executive leader for the past 14 years. Larry has more than 28 years of government and commercial business and operational experience. He has worked with large, me…

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December 30, 2015





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