The Five Golden Rules of Negotiation


This book is based upon detailed research on the behavior and skills of successful negotiators. From this research, the book extracts Five Golden Rules along with simple tools and techniques which, if applied, guarantee a successful negotiation outcome. The book itself is based upon a fictional buyer- salesperson relationship. The book starts with the two protagonists meeting over lunch on the day the Buyer is due to retire. They begin to discuss their business relationship over the years and the book uses different episodes/meetings during that time to bring out the above Golden Rules and other negotiation concepts. The book provides simple tools to help apply the Golden Rules and each chapter concludes with a summary of the key points and questions to be considered.


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Philippe Korda

Philippe Korda is an expert and a practitioner in negotiation and strategy, and founded the training and management consultancy Korda & Partners, which is headquartered in Paris and London. Korda & Pa…

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September 8, 2011





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