The Business of Relationships: Creating Enterprise Success with China


Creating Your Success with China

This book helps you build, and maintain, success with China. How? Through the often neglected, but vital, area of creating relationships that work and endure in China.

Why would this matter so much in a professional or business setting, you may wonder? Because in China, the relationship always precedes the business and determines the latter’s success, quality and durability. Only when relationships flourish, does success with China happen. Under investment in relationships and relationship shortcuts are among the primary reasons why good enterprises fail to succeed in China.

The relationship skills advocated in this book, once adopted, will be a positive differentiator in your favor, for all your dealings with China, by equipping you with skills of sufficient depth, to ensure success in this relationship-centric culture. The book will encourage you to value these skills, and deploy them proudly in China, in the knowledge that relationship skills are the primary differentiator in this business culture. Through this valuable relationship knowledge, you will become, over time, your own cultural mediator, able to handle diverse business situations and challenges in a culturally adapted way, as they arise. This, in turn, will provide you with the confidence to build, and maintain, enterprise success with China.

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Joan Turley

Joan Turley has been assisting clients to acquire relationship skills which are brilliantly China-adapted for over a decade now. Her clients are made up of multi-nationals, chartered institutes…

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March 3, 2022





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