Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Driving Corporate Innovation Through Start-ups, Spinoffs, and Venture Capital


This book is for corporate managers with a mandate for ‘innovation’, but no idea how to make that happen.

C-suite executives and boards of directors are increasingly looking for companies to reinvent themselves or risk being left behind. With this book, companies can monetize employee’s ideas in a manner that doesn’t cost a fortune or create conflicts of interest within the ranks. Not every creative expression is going to result in tens of millions of dollars in revenue–but many will create licensing opportunities that are, at the very least, essentially free money for new product development.

Another cadre of readers will realize their innovation-rich futures are languishing in corporate purgatory. Should they quit and pitch their ‘million-dollar idea’ to another organization entirely (as outsiders), or can they take this book to their leaders and drive change, one manager at a time?


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Thomas Waters

Tom Waters is an IP executive with thirty years of strategy experience in product development, market intelligence, and startup innovation. He stepped away from corporate America to join the…

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November 09, 2022





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