Success: Theory and Practice


Michael’s newest book is an absolute must read for both anyone entering the job market and those looking for growth in both their professional and personal lives. This is not your everyday book on success, as it touches on the success of many, but lets you in on the mental and emotional challenges each faced throughout the journey.–Rocco Marrari, National Accounts Manager for EBE Technologies

This is a must read for anyone who is interested achieving personal and professional success. Personal and professional growth is a key to success in our careers in this ever-changing environment. Dr. Edmondson provides questions to ask ourselves periodically as a performance temperature check along with some quizzes. He also provides real life examples of successful individuals and traits they implemented to achieve their success.–Robert Sauselein, CHST, Northeast Operations Manager, HazTek, Inc.

Michael connects the dots in this where the rubber meets the road with his 7 Characteristics of Success. He demonstrates the practical traits, backed up by fascinating research, to help you unfold your own success story.” –John P. Clark, CFPR- Financial Advisor and Retirement Living Expert

To improve an individual’s capacity to process information, the self-help genre has a tremendous need for a publication that both summarizes the latest research and provides case studies.

This book meets both needs and is valuable for any person interested in achieving personal or professional success.

Divided into seven chapters, this publication examines the theory and practice of success and includes research from history, psychology, sociology, cognitive neuroscience, animal behavior, and other areas.


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Michael Edmondson

Dr. Michael Edmondson is the Associate Provost for Continued Learning at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Edmondson also teaches in the graduate program for Non-Profit Management at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

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March 10, 2016





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