Strategic Analysis and Choice: A Structured Approach


Buzzwords that every manager and CEO use — Strategic Analysis. What exactly is strategic analysis? What are strategy and strategic planning? This outstanding new book provides details to help managers (often working at the firm level, somewhat untrained, and having poor use of tools) learn more about strategic analysis — how to plan and how to implement it.

This book will help any manager overcome any problem by developing a systematic approach to conducting a strategic analysis. From assessing the general industry environment to analyzing industry forces and firm resources, well-known models are introduced and explained. By the end of the book, the author helps you select a strategy that is consistent with industry and firm specific conditions.

Also inside, Warner tackles the underlying theory that any strategic process might seem fruitless, especially if it is treated as an episodic or occasional task. If the result of all that work is a document that gets put on a shelf or in a closet, what is the point? Warner details just how to develop the idea of strategic development, keeping it broad-based and as an ongoing process.

Strategy may ultimately be the responsibility of the CEO but it needs, and benefits from, the engagement of others. Done right, that engagement and development align the organization more effectively. In addition, the models connect to and reinforce each other. To use them well requires reflection and revision. This book can help. Understand today how analysis becomes a lens you constantly bring to bear on your firm and its environment.

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Alfred G. Warner

Alfred G. Warner is an Associate Professor of Management at Penn State Erie focusing on business strategy and international business issues. His current research interests are in industry and firm lev…

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November 29, 2010





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