Spinout Ventures: Transitioning from Employees to Entrepreneurs


For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the path to entrepreneurship begins within the walls of established corporations. This book is uniquely tailored for employees and executives in the private sector either experiencing entrepreneurial ambitions, or dealing with them in their organizations. Whether you’re considering launching your own business or managing spinout ventures within your organization, this is your essential guide to the journey from employment to entrepreneurship.

Delve into the choices that employee entrepreneurs make and the consequences they face. If you work in or run an organization, gain insights into the processes and critical decision-making moments through real-life spinout stories like Chevrolet, Apple, Zoom, Zillow, Intel, and Electronic Arts.

Spinouts have a distinct advantage, which comes from what they inherit from their parent firms. Their advantage hinges on what they absorb or carry forward from their parent firms. While some parent companies actively support and cultivate their spinouts, leveraging them to bolster their reputation, others adopt a more defensive approach. Learn from parent firm cases like Fairchild, Palantir, AstraZeneca, Nokia, and Paypal.

Explore the controversial, yet often successful path of spinout ventures!


About the Author(s)

André Laplume

Dr. André Laplume is a Professor in Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto, Canada.

Sepideh Yeganegi

Dr. Sepideh Yeganegi is an Associate Professor in Strategic Management at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics in Waterloo, Canada.

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March 26, 2024





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