Rain Maker Pro: A Manager’s Guide for Training Salespeople


Generating leads and landing new business are critical to the growth and long-term success of any type of service business. Rainmakers who are able to consistently gain new business by using their selling skills to convert prospects into new customers are difficult to find. Recruiting rainmaking professionals from other organizations is expensive and for many businesses has been largely ineffective.

Every executive and manager of a service business understands the importance of the ability to generate leads and landing new customers are the critical components to a successful business. This book is written for managers and leaders who want to transform their professionals from doing work to effectively marketing and selling and bringing in new business.

Divided into three comprehensive parts: Charting a new course; The fundamental success models; and Building your business, this book will show you how to:

  • Help professionals overcome fear of selling
  • Acquire the right sales capabilities
  • Market and sell within your comfort zone
  • Setting and achieving big goals
  • Leverage existing customers to acquire new ones
  • Build accountability across the business

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Clifton Warren

Clifton Warren is the principal of Clifton Warren Consulting; his firm trains professional to market, sell, and win new clients. He is the author of Financial Services Sales Handbook and…

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August 4, 2021





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