Public Relations Ethics: Senior PR Pros Tell Us How to Speak Up and Keep Your Job


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Great review from Journal of Public Relations Education! Overall, this is an excellent, well-researched book, and it presents professional dilemmas and solutions in a way that resonate as authentic. I would strongly recommend this book to students who are preparing for the work world or public relations professionals who want to improve the effectiveness of their ethical counsel.
Many senior public relations executives consider ethics counsel to be one of their core responsibilities. Raising ethical concerns to more senior leaders can be quite intimidating as “speaking truth to power” can have serious consequences for someone’s career, so senior public relations executives have mastered the art of using less confrontational strategies. This book ranks and describes these various strategies with specific examples of how public relations executives have used them. The insights are based on nearly 150 in-depth interviews as well as survey research. Learn about the process of gaining influence and the mistakes to avoid when navigating internal politics. Many of the lessons are applicable to public relations counsel generally.

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Marlene S. Neill

Marlene S. Neill, Ph.D., APR, is an assistant professor at Baylor University, and teaches courses in public relations and advertising. Her research interests include public relations management and et…

Amy Oliver Barnes

After more than 20 years as a broadcast journalist, Amy Oliver Barnes moved to the public relations profession first as Public Relations Director at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, then as Executive Dir…

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