Protecting the Brand, Volume I: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets


Protecting the Brand, Volume I: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets is a handbook for law practitioners as well as business executives.
It is a unique perspective of best practices in addressing issues around counterfeiting and grey markets – from a legal as well as a business point of view. The authors explore the threats posed by counterfeiting and grey markets to a variety of industries and illuminate what problems these may cause. Before setting forth the range of legal strategies for remedying incidents of counterfeiting and grey markets, the authors outline preventive measures businesses can take to combat the threats, and showcase some of the emerging technologies that can serve as enablers of Brand Protection’s 3 IPR’s (3 I’s= Intelligence, Investigation, Innovation; 3 P’s= Protection, Perseverance, Perpetuation; 3 R’s= Remedy, Recovery, Rehabilitation).


About the Author(s)

Peter Hlavnicka

Peter Hlavnicka is a founder and CEO of Phi Ventures Pte. Ltd. as well as Venture Partner at R3i Ventures Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore and is specializing in deeptech and medtech, global IP com…

Anthony Keats

Anthony M. Keats is a founding partner of Keats Gatien LLP, a leading intellectual property law firm in Los Angeles, California. He has developed and enforced the IP of rights holders against I…

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November 22, 2021





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