Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity


Building a successful cybersecurity team is no longer optional.

Cyberthreats evolve at a staggering pace, and effective cybersecurity operations depend on successful teams. Unfortunately, statistics continue to illustrate that employers are not finding the people they need.

The Can. Trust. Will. system guides the C-Suite, HR professionals and talent acquisition to build unbeatable cybersecurity teams through advanced hiring processes and focused on-boarding programs. Additionally, this book details how successful cybersecurity ecosystems are best built and sustained, with expert analysis from high-level government officials, Fortune 500 CSOs and CISOs, risk managers, and even a few techies.

Those already in the field (and newbies) will glean invaluable knowledge about how to find their most effective position within a cybersecurity ecosystem. In a tech-driven environment, cybersecurity is fundamentally a human problem: and the first step is to hire for the human element.


About the Author(s)

Leeza Garber

Leeza Garber is a cybersecurity and privacy attorney and consultant. She is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School and an adjunct law professor at Drex…

Scott Olson

Scott Olson is the CEO and founder of HR consulting firm GlenHaven International, LLC, where he applies his expertise in building high performance teams. He was an FBI agent for 21 years, servi…

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January 19, 2022





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