Project Management for Archaeology


Archaeology, the science in charge of studying ancient cultures, is without a doubt one of the most alluring professions in to- day’s academic world. It is a versatile and complex discipline requiring a lot of skill expertise from both students and specialists, including the ef?cient management of team of coworkers, logistics, resources, etc.

Project Management for Archaeology is a ?rst approach to students and inexperienced archaeologists striving to better organize, lead, and execute an archaeological project. It also offers great insight and strategies to experienced and “old-school” researchers in order to improve ef?ciency, leadership, and organizational skills, following the most effective management techniques in the market.

Presented with a ?exible approach that accommodates all types of archaeological research (from academic to rescue and salvage projects), Project Management for Archaeology is meant to be a practical handbook to be used all along the lifetime of any archaeological project.


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September 15, 2017