Project-Based Learning: How to Approach, Report, Present, and Learn from Course-Long Projects


Project-based learning is different from traditional lectures and requires students to behave different from the traditional classroom. This book provides students guidance on how to deal with the project-based instruction form. Different types of projects such as projects that contribute to theory and projects that contribute to practice are covered, to explain to students what to expect, how to approach the project, how to interact with students in groups, and how to interact with the instructor. The discussion includes many useful examples.

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Harm-Jan Steenhuis

Harm-Jan Steenhuis is a professor of management, international business in the college of business at Hawai’i Pacific University. He previously worked at Eastern Washington Univer…

Lawrence Rowland

Lawrence Rowland is an associate professor of information systems in the college of business at Hawaii Pacific University. He founded Applied Analysis Inc., in Honolulu. Lawrence obtained…

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September 30, 2018





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