Producing Written and Oral Business Reports: Formatting, Illustrating, and Presenting


This book highlights the discrete tasks in report creation and how to do each task to maximum efficiency and effect. Tasks include drafting, revising, editing, formatting, and illustrating. Business research reports involve these tasks and several others. Reports delivered orally require rehearsal and handling question-and-answer sessions in addition to the foregoing tasks. This book targets all business and professional people, upper-level undergraduates, and MBA students. This book begins with creating a draft, revising and editing (two distinct tasks) it, and producing a final document. It offers guides for page layout and text format and for choosing the proper medium, including traditional ones, along with report deck, web page, and infographics. The book references helpful formatting features of word processing software that readers may be unaware of. Book 2 also covers the special parts of formal business research reports. It sets out principles for using graphics and how-to information for creating a variety of charts, tables, and other visuals, without specialized graphics software. Using presentation aids—and avoiding common mistakes we’ve all observed—is a key topic. So is managing all facets, including the presentation backchannel and Q&A. In addition, the book includes guides for internet presentations (podcasts, online meetings, and webinars). Much of the book material is presented or summarized in lists, making it a handy user’s manual for business and professional types, when producing their very first reports and the last ones of their careers.

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Dorinda Clippinger

Dr. Dorinda Clippinger, member of the Association for Business Communication since 1999, earned business education degrees from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University, Blooming…

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February 14, 2017





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