Process-Oriented Healthcare Management Systems: Development, Use, and Maintenance for Patient-Safe Healthcare


Public opinion polls suggests that most Americans trusts their medical team. When people go to the physician or are admitted to the hospital, few of them worries about being harmed by the doctor, or someone else from the medical team, making a mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, and a lot of the adverse events are both preventable and serious. The most common types of preventable harm includes hospital-acquired infections, surgical error, wrong site surgery, medication errors, in-hospital injury, misdiagnosis, and deep vein thrombosis.
This book shows a new way to health care management by presenting arguments for a new approach together with some concrete advice on how health care executives and practitioners can begin to think and act differently in order to provide safe health care. The book addresses medical professionals who have recently acquired leadership and management responsibilities. It is also useful for project members working on reviewing or building a management system to support patient safety. This hands-on book presents step by step how a management system can be formed, the prerequisites for having a management system that supports the daily work, and how it can result in increased patient safety.

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Anita Edvinsson

Anita Edvinsson CRNA, B.Sc, AOCNS, author, trainer, speaker, and advisor concerned with conscious leadership, operational efficiency and patient- safety. After a long career as ward ma…

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April 12, 2020





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