Process Improvement to Company Enrichment: An Integrated Strategy


Process Improvement to Company Enrichment: An Integrated Strategy presents a unique, proven methodology for achieving an environment of innovation.

This book details a comprehensive and integrated approach to optimization: acting strategically; refining business processes; energizing personnel development; forging reasoned technology decisions; and synchronizing corporate governance, organizational design, and company culture.

Practices and principles are delivered in a conversational tone and are accompanied by intriguing historical anecdotes that entertain and help illustrate the authors’ position points for each chapter–making for an interesting read.

Whether the goal is improving select aspects of your company or totally rethinking the business model, this book furnishes the roadmap for achieving that successful transformation.

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About the Author(s)

Daniel Plung

Dr. Daniel L. Plung has 40+ years of leadership experience in a variety of United Kingdom and United States Fortune 500 corporations. His assignments have included responsibility for all project phase…

Connie Krull

Connie J. Krull has more than 25+ years of experience supporting and managing infrastructure, and operations activities. She has had a succession of assignments focused on strategic management and str…

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February 24, 2023





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