Negotiation Booster: The Ultimate Self-Empowerment Guide to High Impact Negotiations


To successfully conclude a business conversation, negotiation skills and tactics are not enough. If you enter a negotiation with fear, self-doubt or lack of conviction, you will not win no matter how well tactically you have been trained. Negotiation Booster is a novel, synergic approach leveraging the task related aspects of a negotiation with the underlying factors, such as emotions, ego, and stress.

Negotiation Booster is the ultimate guide to winning negotiations through self-empowerment. By bridging the strategic aspects with a self-management booster, the book will help you develop strategies for thriving in your negotiations.

Negotiation Booster draws from interdisciplinary sources. It equips the reader with cutting-edge insights on the key negotiation concepts, fundamental negotiation strategies, communication skills, perception and impression management techniques, the determinants of desired outcomes, and the issues that negotiators face internally and externally in the negotiation process.

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Kasia Jagodzinska

Prof. Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska combines an academic career with business practice. In her role of international negotiation expert, she mentors and trains executives from the biggest corporations …

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December 28, 2020





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