Negotiating with Agility: A Manager’s Guide to Better Labor Agreements


At last: a concise, practical guide that shows managers how to create agility at the bargaining table through thoughtful planning and preparation in the weeks, months, and years before formal negotiations begin, and how to do that on top of your regular full-time job.

Agility in labor agreement negotiations is the ability to recognize and respond in the moment to threats and opportunities, both anticipated and unexpected. Agility gives you the confidence to talk with a party you may or may not be able to trust and have a conversation the outcome of which will significantly impact your company and future collective bargaining agreements. Agility allows you to pivot.


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Kathy Beyerchen

Kathy Beyerchen has 20+ years of labor experience with publicly traded and privately held corporations ranging in size from a Fortune 250 company to a small agricultural cooperative…

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June 29, 2023





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