Mastering the 7 Dimensions of Business-Technology Alignment: A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Business Technology Alignment in the Digital Era


The force-multiplying power of business technology alignment is acknowledged among the biggest contributors to enterprise success in the digital age. Even so, it is a missed opportunity in most organizations, or at best, restricted to a unidimensional coalition.

Successful digital enterprises define alignment between business and technology along multiple dimensions. They invest in this alignment at the level of their culture, strategy, structure, process, intellect (innovation), function, and tactics. A systematic understanding and embracement of these seven dimensions of Business-Technology Alignment is at the core of a successful digital enterprise.

Using familiar workplace paradigms and relatable examples, this book builds on each dimension of business-technology alignment towards strengthening the foundation on which a successful digital enterprise stands, using tricks and tips not found in textbooks and classrooms. If you are, or aspire to be, in an organization that relies on a convergence of business and technology to achieve success, this book is meant for you. It builds upon fundamental ideas in a manner designed to strike a chord in everyone—from interns to entrepreneurs.

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Ashish Pachory

Ashish Pachory is an independent ICT consultant and leadership guide. His work is centered on helping enterprises harness the power of business-technology alignment to drive their transfo…

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December 7, 2019





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