Markets in Chaos: A History of Market Crises Around the World


This book is useful for those seeking to learn about the history of market crises and individuals that want to learn about protection against downside risks for an investment portfolio.

The purpose of this book is not to convince the reader to attempt to anticipate the timing of the next market crash, but rather for the reader to be able to draw parallels (and some contrasts) between the different crises in history. The book reviews case studies related to specific macroeconomic event triggers ranging from COVID-19 to hyperinflation.

Readers will come away with extensive knowledge of different market crisis events spread across countries and timelines. The reader will be well versed on important macroeconomic topics such as the history of currencies. Perhaps most importantly, readers will feel better prepared to handle the next market catastrophe. Audiences such as business school students and those that are a part of organizations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute will find this book of interest.


  • Test Questions: This is a 14 page document that includes straightforward questions along with more open-ended essay questions based on the book.
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    Brendan Hughes

    Brendan Hughes has more than a decade of industry experience in investments and public finance. For the last several years, Brendan has worked as a Registered Investment Advisor for Lafayette Investments.

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    November 10, 2023





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